10-year-old girl delivers blessings in a backpack to homeless on the street

As 10-year-old Nevaeh Strickland packs up a bag with supplies for the homeless, she shows a generous spirit well beyond her years. 

"I don't need anything in return, I just like giving - so it's always been my passion too," she said.

That passion blossomed three years ago when the Stricklands were walking into a monster truck rally in Detroit. 

"I found people out on the streets homeless so I thought it would be a good idea if we tried giving them homeless backpacks," she said.

Now during the cold winter months, Nevaeh and her family go to Pontiac, Flint, and Detroit where they pass out backpacks to people in need.  

Inside, the Davisburg girl includes a hat, hand warmers, snacks, and much more. The Stricklands make creative coffee mugs to cover the expenses while the community has also embraced her efforts. 

"She's got quite a few sponsors, her dentist, her aunt is a big sponsor, her grandma. family - and then a lot of local people,"  said her father Matt Strickland.

Nevaeh will give out more than 150 backpacks this year- bringing the total to more than 500 since her efforts started. 

The Stricklands also plans to start a non-profit. Now Nevaeh proves you can have a generous spirit at any age - including 10 years old. 

"It shows that one person can make a big difference and if more people just did something little like this, what a difference we could make," he said.

"I'm not leaving the homeless people left out," Neveah said. "I make them try to feel included and so that they know they are just so lonely people on the streets."

Each year, she fundraises and collects donations from supporters to buy items that she puts into her bags. It costs, on average, $24.00 per bag.

If you would like to get involved and donate, CLICK HERE.