$11 million of federal help given to Wayne County for pandemic related expenses

As many struggle to make ends meet during the coronavirus crisis, new help from the federal government has arrived. 

About $11 million is available for Wayne County residents in need through the Coronavirus Aid Relief Economic Security Act, which $8 million will specifically go to people living in Detroit.

"One out of five Detroiters is concerned they may run out of money in the next three months and this effort by Wayne Metro is our attempt to deal with that," said Mayor Mike Duggan.

The Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency is the organization implementing the CARES program. From food to funeral expenses, the program can help people in several ways. 

"There's $500,000 set aside for major plumbing repairs so we can now get to any home that needs a major plumbing repair to get water restored," said Louis Pisker, CEO Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency. "There's $1 million in rent and mortgage assistance please call us. Let's resolve that issue, before you get an eviction notice."

Wayne Metro says their goal is to help as many people as possible in the next several months. 

TO LEARN IF YOU QUALIFY OR TO GET MORE DETAILS: Call (313) 388-9799 or go online to www.waynemetro.org/CARES/

"There is what's called 'categorical eligibility' so it won't take you long to get qualified for these services if you are currently receiving unemployment assistance, if you're on Medicaid, if you're currently on a program for your utilities."

"That money is going to be really important over the coming months so we can get this economy up and moving again," Duggan said.