11-year-old killed on bike, mom of driver blames Warren city lights

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An 11-year-old boy was hit and killed while riding his bike across Nine Mile in Warren but the mother of the man behind the wheel says it's not the boy or the driver's fault.

Ashton Vest, 11, was going to the store on his bike Wednesday night. He was crossing Nine Mile at Schoenherr around 6:30 that night when he was hit by a man in a Chevy Camaro. Vest died at the scene. According to Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, it appears to be a tragic accident.

"He shot out with his bike, behind a parts truck and there was another vehicle coming...and hit him and unfortunately it was a fatal accident," Fouts said Thursday. "The police have checked the driver of the other car, he's a 25-year-old, they indicate he was not under the influence of alcohol and they don't have any indication at this moment that he was speeding so it appears to be a tragic accident."

25-year-old Bradley Anderson may be off the hook as far as any criminal charges go, but Anderson's mom says there may be a different reason for the accident.

"At 6:30 at night it's dark, it's rainy, and what they have out there - a yellow street light - yellow street lights are for parking lots," Badger said.

Ashton's family has hired an attorney to investigate the situation.

"Maybe the kid wasn't wearing reflective things but you know what, don't blame the kids. Blame the lights and the politicians who have not secured the safety of our children in our community," Badger said.

We took that issue to Mayor Fouts who said that was news to him.

"That's a new one for me and I guess that's why you do the news because you find out things I don't know but if that's the case then that's even more horrendous," he said.

Ashton's family has set up a go fund me account in the name of Ashton Michael Vest. Click here to donate.