12-year-old crashes car through front of Farmington Hills Carter's store

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Talk about a door buster.

A 12-year-old accidentally crashed his mother's car into the Carter's children's clothes store Thursday.

Police say a pre-teen drove a car through the front of the store, located at 14 Mile and Orchard Lake Road, at about 6 p.m. The boy was given the keys to the car by his mother while he waited for her to finish shopping nearby.

The boy decided to drive the car around the parking lot, and police say he apparently he started to drive towards Orchard Lake Road, panic and threw it in reverse - careening into the store.

Luckily nobody was hurt. Carter's employees told police that when the car came crashing through the glass, there was a lull in customers and no one was on the sidewalk. 

The young driver escaped unhurt  but the damaged he caused was extensive.

Police say that they will turn over the case to the Oakland County Prosecutors Office who will determine what if, any charges should be filed against the mom or her son.