12-year-old hit while on bike, driver kept going

Twelve-year-old Raynard Phillips Junior was just riding his bike along Corbett near Connor on Detroit’s east side when he was hit by a car Saturday afternoon. 

“I just laid there and started thinking about what happened,” Raynard Jr. said. 

The young boy did not know what hit him. 

“When they came, they had to lift me off the ground because it felt like when I got hit my legs were broken,” Raynard Jr. said. 

He said the driver just sped off. 

“He could have at least helped,” Raynard Jr. said. 

Detroit Police said the suspect was driving a black Chevy Impala and he is still out there. 

Raynard Jr. is out of the hospital with a hurt ankle and sore wrist. 

Raynard’s father, Raynard Phillips Sr., is very frustrated with this situation. 

“Makes me mad,” said Raynard Sr. “But we don’t know who he is but he knows what he did to turn himself in.” 

Raynard Sr. does not even have words for the driver who left his son laying hurt in the street. 

“He won’t be riding that bike I know that,” said Raynard Sr. “At least not for a minute” 

This is one of two hit and runs within 24-hours in Detroit. A 29-year old woman is in critical condition. 

She was walking to her car parked off Schaefer south of Fenkell when she was hit by a black jeep and the driver kept going. 

Usually, Raynard Jr. is either on his bike or playing basketball, but for now he’s laying low. 

“I’m not going to be riding no bike any time soon or playing no sports,” said Raynard Jr.