13-year-old and 23-year-old in critical condition after shooting, possible suspect surrenders

On Friday night 13-year-old Damarian Johnson was shot after going into a gas station to get something to drink. 

“He was just the wrong place, the wrong time,” said Damarian’s aunt, Geneva Brathwaite. 

Family and friends called the 13-year-old D-Man and he was headed to high school next year, but now, he is in critical condition. 

“It’s unreal,” said Damarian’s grandmother, Catherine Brathwaite. 

His family told FOX 2 that the victim was with his parents that night around 11 p.m. and they stopped at the BP near Telegraph and 7 Mile while on their way home to have pizza. 

Police say a man walked in and started shooting. He hit Damarian in the head and also struck another customer,23, who is also in critical condition. 

Doctors say Damarian has severe brain damage. 

“I didn’t even want to be in there like that,” Damarian’s brother Karon Johnson said. “I didn’t like seeing him like that. 

“My nephew is still in there fighting and it’s a hard fighter,” Geneva said. 

After police put out a video of a possible suspect in the double shooting, the man turned himself into police Saturday morning after seeing his face on the news. 

“He had to turn himself in or someone would have found him,” Geneva said. 

Damarian was a football standout and his family is holding hope that he has a bright future ahead of him. They are asking for the gun violence to stop. 

“Cease fire, stop it, it’s pointless. It shows cowardness when you use a gun to solve a problem,” Catherine said. 

Detroit Police say they are still investigating the case and the man in that photo has not been charged yet. 

Damarian’s family has created a GoFundMe and it can be viewed here