13-year-old Dearborn girl's phone stolen by man, police offer reward

A 13-year-old Dearborn girl was playing outside when police say a man came up and stole her cell phone.

Dearborn police are hoping someone who sees this story will recognize the man pictured on surveillance cameras..

Authorities are offering up to 1,000 dollars for information that leads to his arrest.

Chief Ron Haddad of the Dearborn Police Department says he's disturbed that the incident, which happened late last month, occured in broad daylight on Michigan Avenue.

"What's so unacceptable here is that it was broad daylight, it was in a major street and somebody attacked a kid. Bring that person to justice," says Haddad.

After the suspect allegedly steals the girl's phone he is seen on surveillance tape calmly walking down Michigan Avenue. Chief Haddad said the suspect appeared relaxed.

"The perp in this case appeared to be very comfortable in his environment and wasn't in a big hurry to get away," Haddad said. "From the photographs, he kind of had a unique look about him so it would be easy to discern if someone knew this individual.  He's got some unique features: eyes, ears and kind of a long neck.  I think anybody that knows this person will recognize him immediately."

If you recognize the suspect, please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.