14 first responders from Imlay City mobile home fire honored for bravery

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Fourteen first responders all answered the same call in Imlay City on the early morning of Feb. 26. 

A family of seven lost their home in a fire. The mother made it out and was begging Officer Sarah Colin for help. 

"Being first on (the scene) the mother was outside, so that kind of stuck with me," she said.

Her children and their father were still inside the mobile home. A total of six people were pulled from the flames.  Only two would survive, highlighting what they were up against that morning. 

The first responders' actions worthy of recognition - as they were honored for their bravery Tuesday evening at the Heroes Dinner at the Flint Golf Club.

"These people up here knew how to react," said Chief Richard Horton Imlay City. "We lost four children that day but thanks to their actions, the father of the children and one child, did pull through." 

Horton says in a typical mobile home fire, you take a defensive position, but what he witnessed that winter morning was the very definition of "above and beyond." 

"These guys never even thought about it, they went inside and grabbed what they could as far as the family, and helped them out," Horton said.

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Their story is got its proper respect at an annual Heroes Dinner in Flint. 

"It makes me want to do more training as far as fire training and medical training and carry more gear and supplies so I can be better equipped in the future," Colin said.

In addition to being recognized at the Heroes' Dinner, law enforcement agencies through Genesee County were given new equipment thanks to grants exceeding $90,000. In the event that tragedy strikes again, they will be even more prepared.