14th annual Ride for Autism brings huge crowd to Taylor

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The 14th Annual Ride for Autism kicked off Sunday morning bringing motorcycle enthusiasts and autism advocates together to raise money for Judson Center’s Autism connections.

According to autismspeaks.org, autism not affects 1-59 children and 1 in 37 boys. 

"We present them with a medallion.  We really want to highlight them and give them a day to look forward where they are the center of attention," Rachael Adam said, Ambassador for Ride for Autism. 

Over 200 bikers participate annually to raise $20,000 for Autism Connections.

"We don't want the money to go to research, we want it to go to the now.  So 1/3 goes to Judson, a 1/3 goes to Macomb, and so for Wayne county we decided to host our own events," Adams said.

"This funding is definitely beneficial for autism connections with the Judson center.  Just establishing our different locations and making sure we are able to provide our ABA treatments that our children need," Kayla Collins said.

On a national scale autism funding is spread so thin. This year donations are kept local, 14 years ago started as a way to make sure local organizations like Judson Center has a source of money. 

"When I first started this I didn't know anyone affected by this.  Now it's a nephew here or someone there, it impacts so many people," Larry Stock said, marketing director for Ride for Autism.

Those who benefit are also honored and acknowledged at the annual event. 

"This is something that we really want to keep close to home and continue the tradition with the 14th annual," Amanda Estrada said, event coordinator at Motor City Harley Davison.

In the 14 years of this event Ride for Autism has raised more than $140 thousand dollars.

To learn more about Ride for Autism and how you can help out visit Ride for Autism of Michigan Facebook page.