16-year-old will be tried as adult for murder in death of mother

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Teen Mohammad Altantawi sat stone faced as he was arraigned Monday.

The 16-year-old Oakland County teen was charged with second degree murder accused of pushing his mother, Nada Huranieh, 35, out of a window.

Altantawi's lawyer pleaded with the court to grant the teen bond saying he has no criminal history and is an "exceptional student" at the International Academy in White Lake.

"I am asking the court to consider a cash bond 10 percent," said attorney David Kramer. "With the understanding he submit his passport to the court with a GPS to his tether. That would ensure that he will appear for his court hearings. That would eliminate any flight risk."

But the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office argued he is a danger to society.

"He committed a crime of murder in the second degree of his mother," the prosecutor said. "While the suspect's sisters ages 12 and 14 were home at the time.

Investigators say Altantawi killed his mother at the family's million dollar mansion in Farmington Hills last week.

Huranieh was found dead on the patio. Police initially thought her death was an accident-but later determined he pushed her out of the window.

Prosecutors say Altantawi's actions were premeditated and with his strong family ties to Syria, he is a flight risk.

Judge Dennis Pheney ordered Altantawi to be held at Children's Village without bond. He is due back in court Sept. 15.