17 puppies rescued by Michigan Humane from overwhelmed owner

Surrendered, and safe - 17 puppies were just too much for one Detroiter to care for.   

Michigan Humane stepped in to negotiate with their owner to surrender these pups to get the care they need, it took several weeks to get to this point.

"This is not an unusual case for the team it's something we do a lot of," said Anna Chrisman, Humane.

The 8-week-old mix breeds, from unplanned litters, came to them Monday - in good health.  

"Any time we get puppies like this it's an adventure," said Chrisman. "They show their personalities, their likes, and dislikes, and obviously we become chew toys."

Michigan Humane is best known for its adoption centers - behind the scenes they work to keep pets in homes with supportive care like food, medical, and sterilization.   

In this case - the owner simply couldn't afford to keep them all. Chrisman says it's a good time to talk about spay and neuter.  

"In addition to helping up curb the homeless pet population, spay and neuter can have health benefits for the dog in your home," she said. 

The puppies will get a medical check and decompress for a few days - before Michigan Humane will announce when they're ready for adoption on their social media pages. Follow Michigan Humane on Facebook HERE.