18 Detroit police graduates sworn in day after Dallas attacks

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Eighteen police academy graduates are sworn in as officers Friday in Detroit, but this ceremony comes after a bloody and dangerous week for officers all over the country.

They're taking a vow to serve and protect at a time when the relationship between police and the community is more fragile than ever.

FOX  2 spoke to the new officers' family members about fear and pride.

Brand new badges handed out to more than a dozen police officers Friday, graduating from the Detroit Police Academy not even 24 hours after five officers are killed in Dallas, Texas.

"Not only are we undertaking an oath for public trust, but we are also making a promise," said an officer in a speech at the graduation. "That we will always stand up for justice."

The shooting at a protest in Texas Thursday night, stems from two other officer-involved shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. The gunman was said to be targeting police, upset about Black Lives Matter and those two shootings back to back.

"I feel sorry for what happened to the police officers in Dallas," said Darrill King. "You know I was like man, do I really want my son to do this. But he's assured this is what he wants to do and he feels he can make a difference. I'm behind him 100 percent."

"He's my baby and it makes me kind of nervous," said Carla Owens. "But he's doing the right thing."

Although a somber feeling falls over the day - "It brings comfort after what has transpired last evening in Dallas," said Michael Seay. "As we look toward the future, we know that we have people who are out there who have been trained and confirmed in their ethics of work."

Proud parents and families embrace and congratulate their loved ones.

"One cop doesn't mean that all cops are bad,: said Rodrica Hayes, whose husband is a Detroit police officer. "There are good cops out there."

They say they're just trying to be a part of a positive change, not just for Detroit but for the nation.

"We still have a future ahead of us," Seay said. "And we must move on and move forward in the right direction."