2 dead, 3 hospitalized in high speed crash in Detroit

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A high-speed crash has killed two people and left three others hospitalized Thursday.

The horrific high-speed crash happened when a Camaro lost control and went airborne at 3 p.m. on Detroit's west side.

Three others were injured, after a silver Chevrolet Camaro crashed into a red Chevy Malibu which was parked here in the lot of Peterson Park on Pickford and Whitcomb.

Police say the driver of the Camaro was speeding down Pickford, lost control of his vehicle, hit a curb, and then went airborne before crashing into the Malibu.

Four people were inside the Malibu in which two people inside the vehicle died. The other two were taken to the hospital. The Camaro driver survived. He, too, is recovering at a local hospital.

"It is a senseless tragedy," said Cmdr. Johnny Thomas, of 12th Precinct. "It’s irresponsibility. It's driving at a high rate of speed on a city street. It is a nice day out, you have children around. This is basically one of the worst case scenarios that we run into."

A dog was inside the red Chevy Malibu but is okay.

FOX 2 spoke with a couple of residents who live in the area and they say that they've seen that silver Camaro racing up and down the streets before, and it's possible that the vehicle was driving recklessly right before racing down the street and crashing into the Malibu.