2 in custody after vicious bowling alley assault seen on camera

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Two people have been arrested after a bowling alley employee was nearly killed last week in a vicious assault. 

The employee was attacked by two customers after he told an unruly group they had to leave. Roseville Police released the graphic surveillance video in hopes it'd lead to an arrest. In the video, the suspects are seen using their fists, a stool and even a bowling ball to attack the employee. 

Roseville Police said Monday afternoon that they have two suspects in custody after the attack last Wednesday at Apollo Lanes on Gratiot.

One is a 31-year-old from Detroit, who was taken in to custody in another jurisdiction on unrelated charges. Police say this is the suspect that can be seen in the surveillance video throwing the bowling ball. 

The second suspect is 30 years old, and was taken into custody at a home in Eastpointe. Police aren't sure yet where he currently lives. 

Police didn't give the names of the suspects or say yet when they'll be arraigned on charges. 

In the surveillance video released by police, you can see a group surrounding what looks like the shoe counter. One of the suspects goes behind the counter, and a man from the other side reaches over and hits the employee in the face. 

The employee tries to fight back and reaches for a phone. That's when the suspect behind the counter sucker punches him. 

The two men fight behind the counter with the first suspect viciously punching and kicking. The the man who first punched the employee comes behind the counter as well, and picks up a stool. He hits the employee with the flat part of the stool as a bowling ball rolls on the floor.

The second man then picked up the bowling ball and heaved it at the man's head. It misses the back of his head by inches and hits him in the middle of the back.

The employee fell to the ground and both subjects continued to kick the employee in the head prior to running away from the bowling alley.

Police says the employee, who has not yet been named, is at home recovering from his injuries.