2 shot in downtown Detroit after man fires into crowd during argument

A 30-year-old man and 35-year-old man are recovering in the hospital after being shot Downtown Detroit, both are in stable condition after suffering non-life-threatening injuries.

"They are at this time being considered victims as we continue to move forward with this investigation," said Cmdr. Melissa Gardner, Detroit police.

Detroit police is sifting through video evidence and interviews to figure out – who’s to blame for a shooting Sunday night.

The argument happened between two groups of people, about 15 total - near Fort and Brush streets downtown, by popular restaurants.

"We do see that they were in an argument, and subsequently we did see a fight that ensued, and then the gentleman who we have as a person of interest, produces a weapon fires into the crowd and begins firing into the crowd.

Two people were hit by gunfire, they’re expected to recover and are listed as stable in the hospital as of Monday afternoon.

Surveillance cameras clustered in the densely packed area where it happened, has been a big help for the Detroit police.

DPD has arrested one person – held on a weapons violation and they have another person of interest on their radar, likely the gunman who fired shots.

At this point – investigators believe there was only one shooter.

"If you have anything that can assist us with this investigation we definitely ask that you reach out to the police, even if it's a vehicle description or if you saw someone running from the scene," said Cmdr.Gardner.

Investigators are getting some cooperation from the people in the groups, but they say, there isn’t a clear answer as to what this was all over.