$20,000 reward awaits first finder of 2 lb chunk of Michigan Meteor

A man who serves as the meteorite consultant for Christie's says he'll pay $20,000 to the first person who finds an authentic chunk of the Michigan Meteor that was at least one kilo (2.2 lbs).

Darryl Pitt, a New York City resident who grew up in Southfield, serves as the meteorite consultant for Christie's Auctions. He announced the $20,000 prize for the first one kilo-sized specimen of the meteor that flew over Southeast Michigan Tuesday night.

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Pitt announced the prize on Thursday, a day and half after the meteor crossed over. Thousands of people reported seeing and/or hearing the meteor as it flew over at 28,000 MPH.

NASA has pinpointed the Hamburg area as the impact zone based on Doppler radar in the area.

"Now we need the public's help. And do keep in mind that you must first secure a landowner's permission before searching on their property," Pitt said. "There is a good chance specimens will be located-and every single one is a winning extraterrestrial lottery ticket."

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