$20K worth of toys donated, inspired by COVID shutdown

As COVID has hit many with hardships; owners of The Robot Garage turned their struggling business into a big blessing for Brilliant Detroit. 

Brilliant Detroit is a nonprofit that provides parenting classes, tutoring, and other resources to families throughout the city.  

Community engagement manager Esmeralda Torres  says,  "They have been truly struggling during this time, especially our families who aren't  working, lost their jobs so to be able to give this little bit to them this is the best part of my job."
The Robot Garage normally gives kids hands-on experience in engineering but has been closed because of the pandemic.

They decided to take $20,000 worth of toys from their stores, wrap them up, and donate them. 

A young girl Yesenia, who received gifts on Wednesday said, "I am very thankful for getting the gifts because I am thankful for getting gifts this year."