22-year-old Flat Rock man drowns on Lake Erie in kayaking accident

A 22-year-old Flat Rock man went missing kayaking alone Saturday on Lake Erie. This morning his body was recovered - and his loved ones are mourning his tragic loss.

The waters on Lake Erie at the Point Mouillee state game area are calm and beautiful Wednesday night.  But Sean Bradley sees past the beauty in Brownstown Township. His best friend Tyler Szabo spent his final moments in those waters.  

Bradley says Szabo loved being outside and the two went kayaking together all the time. But Szabo went kayaking there alone and was not seen alive again. On Saturday he got frantic calls from Szabo's family saying the 22-year-old was missing. The Flat Rock man's car was then found at Pointe Mouillee and a massive search started with several police agencies, friends and family. 

Then on Wednesday morning Bradley says a dive team from Michigan State Police found his best friend's body in the water. 

"He definitely wasn't reckless," he said. "I think he took the proper precautions going out there. I think he knew the conditions might not have been the best, but it wasn't his first rodeo he'd done this before. I think things took a turn for the worse.

"It's a lot to take in its hard never easy but the main thing is it's good to have him back and have him home to get closure."

Now while loved ones start to grieve a devastating loss, Bradley says he will always remember Szabo's dedication work ethic and kind heart. 

"You can never move on from something like this losing someone that close to you, it is never easy," Bradley said. "He was a great guy, he meant the world to me," Bradley said. "He put everyone before himself. He cared so much about people and his friends."

Bradley says if you want to go kayaking go with at least one other person and make sure people know where you are. There is a GoFundMe link for Szabo's funeral HERE.