28,000 pounds of nuts stolen from Shelby Township truck

Police are trying to crack the case of who stole 28,000 pounds of nuts in Shelby Township.

Last week a semi tractor and loader trailer was stolen in the area of Auburn and Ryan roads. 

The truck and trailer got recovered in Detroit, but the cargo was missing.

"It just so happened that the truck was loaded with 28,000 pounds of nuts," said Mark Coil, deputy police chief, Shelby Township. "Without suspects or hard evidence ..."

And those are expensive nuts - walnuts.

But this is no laughing matter to Shelby Township police and serious questions remain.

"I don't know the street value of 28,000 pounds of nuts," Coil said. "Where they were going, and where they originate from, I don't know."

Shelby Township police would like anyone with information to contact it at (586) 731-2121.