3 arrested by feds for series of smash and grabs at Detroit stores

Three men are in federal custody and face a series of charges from a string of smash and grabs at Detroit businesses last winter.

Darryl Ross, Guy Evans, and Keith Ware, Jr., were all indicted in federal court in December for a series of smash and grabs using stolen trucks at metro Detroit businesses.

Authorities said the three men targeted several businesses in February and March 2018 including pharmacies, marijuana dispensaries, and more. 

The three were indicted on December 12th but the documents were sealed until this week.

The indictment claims the crimes started on Feb. 10, 2018 when the three men and others used a truck to force their way into Buckley's Pharmacy on 8 Mile in Detroit where they stole a safe containing hydrocodone and codeine.

Eleven days later, the indictment says the three men hit a medical marijuana dispensary, East Warren Wellness, in Detroit using the same method to steal marijuana. The indictment also claims Ross forced his way into another dispensary on Seven Mile to steal marijuana.

On March 7th, they're accused of smashing their way into People Pharmacy on Schaefer in Detroit and stealing codeine as well as Starbuds dispensary on 8 Mile to steal marijuana.

Authorities did not say how they were tracked down.

They're all three charged with conspiracy to commit pharmacy burglary, conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances and more.

The prosecutor's office is asking for the forfeiture of any funds the men earned during the robberies.

According to court fillings, the U.S. prosecutor is asking for the forfeiture of anything the men earned during the robberies.