3 people seriously injured in Redford house explosion

Authorities are investigating what caused an explosion in the basement of a Redford Township house Wednesday night. Three people were seriously hurt when the home blew up in the 20000 block of Woodworth Street, which is near Grand River and Eight Mile.

All three are hospitalized with what we're told are severe injuries.

"I was sitting in my house and all of a sudden I see flames out my bedroom window and my house kind of shook a little bit," says Samantha. "So I come running outside to see what was going on and three guys, I heard them screaming for their life and pretty much escaped out of their house, busted windows - basement windows - trying to get out. And they were so severe[ly] burned their clothes were melted off of them."

Authorities tell us the explosion wasn't caused by electrical or gas. They're still investigating what led to the explosion.

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