4 adults, 2 kids suspects in ring of pizza delivery robberies around Warren

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Four men, Devin McBride, Brandon Pope, Cortez Montgomery, and Ricardo Trice in court Monday arraigned for their part in a series of robberies.

Police say they targeted pizza delivery drivers from Restaurants that included Hungry Howies and Nono's Pizza in the city of Warren.

Officials say the robberies took place between July 22nd and August 7th in the area of Toepfer and Van Dyke.  

“Four separate incidents, all at vacant homes in the city of Warren,” Commissioner Bill Dwyer said.

Officials say the pizza delivery drivers are lucky to be alive. 

“They would arrive then they would rob the pizza delivery man by gunpoint of any funds, any money he had,” Dwyer said.

The ring also included two other suspects, who officials say are in high school.

“The two juveniles will be petitioned before the Macomb County Juvenile Court.”

Officials say it was good police work that led them to two suspects and helped them crack the case. 

“Some evidence that we picked up and surveillance that was conducted by our special operations unit, that’s how we were able to track down the two and that led us to the total of six,” Dwyer said.

Police say the suspects could be locked up for a long time for a crime that amounted to getting away with few dollars and stolen food that included pizza and chicken wings.