4-day-old baby in mom's arms injured by gunfire

Police are investigating after a mother and her 4-day-old baby were injured when someone opened fire at their house Wednesday night.

"I just woke up and there was gunfire everywhere," says Laura Limb, the baby's grandmother. Limb was among the nine people inside the house when it was shot up around 10:30 p.m.

Limb's 24-year-old daughter, Lakita, was on the couch in the living room, holding her 4-day-old baby, Simear.

"I heard the shots all the way from my house and I ran all the way here. They were screaming and hollering," says Charlene Lamb, the baby's aunt.

One of the bullets hit Lakita in the thigh, and another grazed the boy in the head. We're told Detroit Police officers drove the newborn to the hospital themselves while an ambulance transported his mom. Both are expected to be okay.

"My daughter was screaming when she got shot and the baby was full of blood everywhere," says Laura.

Family members are fairly confident they know exactly who fired more than a dozen shots into the home, leaving holes in nearly every room. Police are now trying to track that woman down and will hopefully get her in custody, bringing calm and closure back to the family after one nerveracking night.

"My momma didn't deserve this or my nephew or my sister. There be a bunch of kids in here," says Charlene.

The alleged shooter was last seen in a black Toyota, but police do not have much of a description beyond that.

The home is in the 16000 block of Maddeline Avenue, which is near Kelly and Moross roads. If you were in the area at the time and saw or heard anything suspicious, you're asked to contact Detroit Police.