4 unregistered guns confiscated in 4 days during routine traffic stops in Inkster

State police have confiscated multiple unregistered guns in Inkster in less than a week. Four guns have been recovered during four separate traffic stops over a period of just four days. 

Michigan State Police, through their Inkster Secure Cities Partnership, have given some details of the confiscated weapons. 

The most recent one happened around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday at Middlebelt and Cherry Hill. A driver was pulled over for speeding and did not have insurance. During an inventory search of the car, troopers found a .45 caliber handgun - and the driver took off running. 

Troopers had to chase him a short distance before they caught up with him and took him into custody for carrying a concealed weapon and resisting police. 

Another traffic stop happened on April 29, and troopers saw a passenger stuffing something into the back of the seat. Troopers conducted a probable cause search and detained the four people in the car. When they found the gun, three passengers all told police it was the fourth person's. 

"Once that occupant realized his friends weren't going to cover for him, he attempted to flee the scene on foot, while handcuffed.  He made it approximately 20 yards before being detained," MSP said. 

Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw says investigators will now see if any of the guns are linked to recent crimes. 

"We'll take a look of all these weapons, see if they're connected to some of the crimes that have gone on in the last month or so. But most of the times, they'll be just random guns that people have found and keep with them for whatever reason."

Going forward, MSP is sending all four handguns to forensics lab to be tested and put into the database.