489 grams of meth found hidden inside peanut shells from Mexico

(Photo: CBP)

Customs and Border Protection officers in Tennessee seized meth hidden in peanut shells last month.

A shipment that read "regional bread roasted peanuts regional dust sweet made of corn" was on its way from Mexico to Texas on June 29.

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Officials said the package was searched in Memphis after an x-ray showed suspicious anomalies. Officers found bags of peanuts and other food preparation items in the packages. When a peanut shell was cracked open, a white crystal substance was inside.

(Photo: CBP)

The substance was tested and was methamphetamine. The shipment had 489 grams of the drug, officials said.

"If an average dose of meth is 0.2 grams, and last 6-8 hours in the body, my officers prevented 2,445 doses and about 15,000 hours of dangerous drug highs that lead to reckless behavior, overdose, and a danger to those around the user," said Area Port Director Michael Neipert.