5-year-old attacked by dog in Detroit neighborhood full of aggressive strays, parents say

After a little boy was attacked by a dog in Detroit, his parents are telling FOX 2 their son isn't the first victim and they want to know why the city isn't doing more to get these dangerous dogs out of their neighborhood.

Tyrell Thomas was riding his bike when the 5-year-old was attacked by a stray dog this past Friday in front of his east side Detroit home. His father, Tyrone Thomas, says the neighborhood is full of them.

Tyrell has had one surgery already - about 45 stitches- and has two more surgeries to go, including plastic surgery, to hopefully remove the scar.

"Just yesterday we came out to check the mail and there was one standing out here - real big one, growling at us, acting like it wanted to attack us," said Tyrell's brother, Tyrone Thomas, Jr.

Even the mail carrier told FOX 2 off camera that she carries Mace at all times because she's been attacked by pit bulls on her route between Morang and Moross and Kelly and Chandler Park.

"I'm afraid for the kids and elderly (people) walking around here trying to go to the store and take care of their business, and these vicious stray pit bulls are around attacking people," his father said.

After the attack the people took off down the road, so the likelihood of finding out who owns the dog is low. Calls have been made to animal control, and they have been out.

"Yesterday they showed up. As a matter of fact they got one of them yesterday," Tyrone said.

But resident say there's a lot more stray dogs to round up.