$58 million plan underway to repave 88 miles of Detroit streets

"We're basically play a game of dodge the potholes!"

We're all familiar with that game, but relief is coming soon for many Detroiters. A $58 million project to repave 88 miles of roads in neighborhoods and across the City is underway.
The City plans to resurface 58 miles of neighborhood streets.

"We're going to be hitting every neighborhood until construction season is over," promised Ron Brundidge, Director of the Detroit's Department of Public Works.

Also in the plans is repairs for 30 miles of major roads including Joy, Russell, Fenkell, Cadieux, McGraw and East McNichols. Construction will be happening until November 1. 

"We're also going to be improving the West Parkway Culvert. The condition of the culvert required us to close the street down about a year and a half ago," Brundidge added. 

He says 17 of the $58 million will be used for major roads and an additional $17 million in approved bond funds will be used to replace broken sidewalks.

The road crews include a mix of city employees and contractors, and we're told at least 51 percent of them are Detroiters.

"Every summer, it's a hard job, but you have to have passion and they have passion," says Patricia Henderson, the construction maintenance supervisor. 

"We take care of the city as we can. I mean, we can't get to everybody at one time but we will sooner or later," says construction foreman Noel Alvarado. 

Neighbors here at Fordham and Morang were happy to see some smoother roads when we were at the site Wednesday. They were also happy to hear of more work for people who live in the city.

"It also lets others who may want to move here, know that the city is really trying to improve its infrastructure," says Sandra Turner-Handy of the Denby Neighborhood Alliance. "We can drive without playing dodge the potholes! Finally!"