Michigan 6-year-old's heartfelt kindergarten speech to his mother who died in a fire

At first glance, Jaxon Carter seems like a typical 6-year-old - building LEGOS with his dad is one of his favorite things to do.

But in his short life he’s been through a lot.

"My mom died," he said.

A fire in her apartment last summer killed his mother, Taryn Gainey.

Jaxon would have been there with her — but on that particular night, he was with his father.

"Every time when she comes, she picks me up and gives me a hug," he said.

It is just one of the memories engrained in Jaxon’s mind.

In June he gave a very special speech at his kindergarten graduation from New Dawn Academy in Sterling Heights.

He dedicated that speech to his mom, Taryn. His grandmother helped him write it.

"I practiced a lot of days," he said.

He wouldn’t let anyone hear him practice - not even his dad.

"Like everyone else I was wowed, it was kindergarten, so again I wasn’t expecting this," said Justin Carter, Jaxon's dad.

Jaxon showed wisdom beyond his years.

"I was a little 5-year-old who lost my beautiful mother," he said in the speech. "Be kind, share with others, and dream big.

"I dedicate my speech, good grades, kindergarten graduation to my beautiful mommy, who I will always love and miss her so much. I know she will always be with me in my heart."

"To have an audience and be able to capture every single person at 6," said Justin, "I’m just in awe that this is my son."

Jaxon spoke about how he accomplished his heartfelt speech.

"I trusted me, I trusted myself, I trusted my soul, I trusted my heart and then I did it," he said.