7-year-old boy survives being hit by a car in Waterford Township

A family is counting their blessings as their son is recovering after being hit by a car. He suffered serious injuries. It could have been much worse. In a twist, the family is looking for the driver involved -- so they can say thank you.

Seven-year-old Lee Jenson is back home after being hit by a car just days prior.

"Me and my brother were going to the park," said Lee Jensen.

"I know why, because of our faith, every single prayer that came in, was holding him up," said his mom Caroline Jensen. "His guardian angel is real battered and blue right now but look at him."

It was back on July 16th that Lee and his older brother Lucas and a friend walked a couple of blocks from home to the Schoolcraft Elementary School playground.

To get there and back they have to cross Williams Lake Road.

"It was my brother's friend that went first. and then my brother, and then me," Lee said. "The car went boom and hit me by the side."

The crash prompted a 7-word text from his older brother Lucas to their dad, Patrick.

"'Lee got hit by a car go,'" said Patrick Jensen recalling the message.

When they arrived, Lee was sitting in a chair.

"He’s like, 'I need a Band-Aid,' I’m like buddy, I don’t think a Band-Aid is going to fix you,'" Caroline said.

Lee suffered a fractured skull above his eye, bruised ribs, and a bad case of road rash.

"There are all these trauma teams and they (were) dissecting him and looking at him," Caroline said.

But he was alive, and the parents actually credit the driver for that.

"I’m thankful the driver was paying attention," Caroline said. "Because if he wasn’t ... I don’t want to go down that road."

The speed limit on Williams Lake Road is 45 miles an hour.

FOX 2 spoke with neighbors who say traffic routinely goes faster than that, especially around a nearby curve, making it especially hard to stop if there is a child in the road.

"When you cross, you are crossing right there after the bend," she said.

And according to her, the driver swerved just enough to save Lee’s life.

On Tuesday night the Jensens spoke by phone to the driver to let him know Lee is expected to make a full recovery.

"Imagine this person who hit a child, they have that ingrained in their mind forever," Caroline said. "On top of the fact that they don’t know what's happening with this child."