7 year-old has balloon release to send some Valentines Day love

Fabian Martinez, a seven year-old-boy from Walled Lake, has a pleasant surprise for those who may be feeling down during this pandemic. 

It started as a simple idea, and with the help of his parents, Martinez is out to bring a little joy and lift spirits in almost a literal way. 

"Since the virus, it's sad, and I just want to have a smile on people's faces," he says. 

Martinez says he used money from his piggy bank and from his mom and dad to buy many different ballons with special prizes attached. 

These prizes will make you feel richer in more ways than one. 

"It has a one-dollar bill in there and a letter from me," he says.

Martinez says he hopes that his balloons will travel far to another city, and if someone finds them, he would like it if they will drop a comment on his YouTube page.