87-year-old Troy man continues hauling trash, even through pandemic

With two knees and a hip replaced, 87-year-old Dominic Tringali is still hauling trash - as he's done for 70 years.

Nine months of a pandemic have slowed down a lot of people. As we all sit inside our home, online shopping is higher than ever, which means trash is higher, which means more work for Tringali. 

We first talked to Dominic in April, when people were tossing sinks, stoves, and toilets as curbside trash was growing. 

"You got to keep moving," Dominic said. The trash, like him, hasn't stopped even with new parts. 

"(I've had) two knee replacements and a hip," he said.

Dominic owns Tringali Sanitation in Troy and even as trash piles up, he's still driving the big rig because he can't find help. 

"We have our help wanted sign and nobody stops," Dominic said.

He tells us people are nervous because of the virus but, after 70 years in the trash hauling business, nothing seems to phase him.

"I’ve been exposed to just about everything you can think of (while) hauling garbage for 50 years," Dominc said.

His company serves 70,000 residential customers in 7 cities, including Troy. And he's seen it all. 

"People put out boats, cars, motorcycles - they think we are going to take them," he said.

It's all made worse by cabin-fever which has fueled house cleaning. 

"We've had houses with 500 bags at them. One house, 500 bags," Dominic said.

That's not a typo. 500 bags.

Add in the increase in online shopping, especially this time of year, and Dominic's workload is high, especially if people don't make it easier for him and his thin crew.

"They get all these boxes and people pile them at the curb. They don’t break them down or flatten them out and put them in the cart. It’s making a mess at the curb," he said.

He has a simple request: flatten boxes and rinse out your recyclables and make it a bit easier. 

After all, he's nearing 90, when he's planning to retire. 

So how do you stay this healthy for this long? Here's his advice.

"If you don’t do all the bad things - drink, smoke, carouse - you got a chance," he said.

Nine months of a pandemic haven't slowed him down. Even at 87.