8th Annual R&B Hall of Fame inductions, Franklin, Wonder and Kendricks headline

It's the 8th annual national R&B Hall of Fame event and people are walking the red carpet at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. 

While Stevie Wonder wasn't at the event today he is being inducted as well as the late Aretha Franklin for her song writing.

Just 4 years ago the queen of Soul was inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame as a musical artist.

"My name is Keith Rogers I'm with WMEL radio out of Baltimore Maryland and I'm receiving the Tom Joyner radio award for tonight. I'm so excited to be here in Detroit, it's always a pleasure to come this musical town," Rodgers said.

"It's very very exciting, because we're down here to honor so many legends that's in the music industry that has not yet been recognized, but we're going to recognize them today for all their accomplishments," Brenda Wilson said, presenting the Jackie Wilson icon award.

The event attracted many people all with a deep connection to Motown. 

"My name is Michelle, I'm the daughter of Florence Ballard of the original Supremes," she said.

Mary Wilson rounded up the legendary trio from Detroit, along with Florence Ballard and Diana Ross. Wilson is receiving the Aretha Franklin Lifetime Achievement Award. 

"We made our dreams come true, and to me that's what it means we were like three little black girls who we did dare to dream in the 60's," Wilson said.