A blood drive for a young man who lost his life to a rare disease.

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Blood banks are in critical need, not just this time of year but always. An extra special event Saturday morning honored a young man who died from a rare blood disease.

24-year old Ja’Monte Lee Adams died from Thalassemia, he was first diagnosed at age five. In Roseville at All God’s People Church a blood drive was held to support the Ja’Monte Lee Adams Foundation.

“This is something that you don’t just get findings of, you have to get checked for this, African Americans, so on and so on, need to be checked because this is lying dormant in a lot of people’s lives and they don’t know it,” Senior Pastor Rev. W.J. Rideout III said. 

Ja’Monte was very talented and loved people.

“He had a big heart, he loved giving to people, he traveled all over the world playing chess, he was world renowned playing chess, a good kid, a good person,” Ja’Monte’s mother Lamika Adams said. 

Saturday’s blood drive brought out a steady stream of donors the entire event. Donations were critical for Ja’Monte and anyone suffering from the Thalassemia disease.

“He started receiving blood transfusions every month that’s what saved his life and kept him in our lives for 24 years,” Thursea Adams said. 

Organizers want people to know that if you’re just feeling tired all the time or if you think something isn’t right, it’s important to get your blood checked.

All types of blood are always needed and accepted but type O-positive is needed the most. You can donate to the JLA foundation by visiting thejlafoundation.org.