A father was killed in a hit-and-run. Now, his 17-year-old son is raising money for his funeral

Dominic Stone is only 17 years old. And now he has to bury his dad. 

At an age already too young, Stone is reconciling with the tragedies that have blanketed his last seven months.

"He was always there for me and my sister," said Stone.

Stone first thought he was going to lose his dad, 36-year-old Joseph Stone in December, when a neighbor allegedly shot him in the stomach. However, Joseph would survive the shooting. 

Then in late July, Joseph was killed Tuesday afternoon about a block from his house in Detroit. While walking on Westbrook near Pilgrim Street, witnesses said they saw dark grey Acura hit him, and keep going.

"I'm just sort of lost without him," said Dominic.

Amid the grief Dominic's last seven months have felt, he's holding out hope the uncertainties in his dad's case will be solved. That's because police have confirmed the death was ruled a homicide and are investigating the crime as such.

"They know what they did, it's not right," Dominic said. "It's going to catch up to them. It's karma. Police gonna find them or something."

Joseph's partner described the afternoon as a gruesome one.

"I guess he was in the middle of the street, and when the car seen him they intentionally sped up and he tried to get over to the side and the car hit him and threw him into the tree," said Nicole Morrison.

Meanwhile, Dominic also has a crisis of financials on his hands. He's currently fundraising to help pay for the funeral.

"I stared a GoFundme, I don't have to money to pay for it, so I'm having my family members pitch in," Dominic said, "and anybody else that wants to pitch in."

If you'd like to help Dominic, you can visit https://www.gofundme.com/joseph-smokes-funeral for more information.