A peek at FOX's fall TV lineup

There's a lot to look forward to on FOX this fall.

The TV stars gave us the lowdown when they came out to celebrate the fall TV season. Chef Gordon Ramsay was celebrating a two-year contract extension with his hit shows.

"I see what we've produced, what we've achieved, the kind of talent we've exposed. MasterChef this year's gone brilliantly. We've just finished 'Junior', and that was extraordinary," Ramsay says.

The hit drama 'Empire' returns September 23, and the show creator Lee Daniels tried to clarify his plans for a Cookie-themed spinoff.

"It's not official - far from," he says. "The spinoff is just something I was thinking about; I should've never even talked about it," he says.

Emmy-nominee Taraji P. Henson says season two will be full of surprises. "We're trying to focus on continuing to tell the truth about these characters, this family, and to tell the truth about their struggle," she says.

Lea Michele is re-teaming with Glee creator Ryan Murphy in 'Scream Queens.'

"Everything is always fresh and new and exciting, and again, groundbreaking, and so I'm honored," she says.

A couple of new comedies are coming to FOX, too.

Rob Lowe plays a retired TV lawyer in 'The Grinder', and John Stamos headlines 'Grandfather'.

"It was a no brainer that I've been waiting for for ten years. It's the perfect character for me, certainly at my age," Stamos says.

"The Grinder now is at a crossroads and wants to find out how he can have an authentic life, and he's inspired by his brother - that's Fred Savage - and his family back in Idaho," Lowe says.

The new drama 'Minority Report' debuts September 21, and 'Rosewood' will debut two days later.

'The Last Man on Earth Star' Will Forte says his SNL buddy Jason Sudeikis will join the cast.

"The end of the last season - this is a spoiler alert - he's up in space. That's the very last image we get," Forte says.

And 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' lead Andy Samberg is looking forward to hosting the Primetime Emmy Awards on September 20.

"It is a big deal and I'm super excited, and I'm not nervous yet. I think I probably will be right before," he says.