A totally unbiased look at the excitement in Ann Arbor

The buzz in Ann Arbor is bigger than just the basketball team in the Final Four, the hockey team is in the Frozen Four too, the first time that's happened in almost 20 years.

The University of Michigan is the center of the collegiate sports universe this week. As UMich fans furiously flipped from ESPN to TBS on Saturday, they watched with joy as the Wolverines advanced to both the Frozen Four in hockey and the Final Four.

"There's definitely a buzz here. Couldn't be more excited for the hockey team and basketball team. Obviously, athletics is a huge part of the campus here and part of the student body so yeah, I'm really pumped up," U-M student Chris DiBiase said.

For both teams to be this far in the respective tournaments is rare. Only six times in NCAA history has the same school been to the Final Four and the Frozen Four in the same year.

Freshman Neelay Patel said that he expected the teams to be good.

"It's absolutely unbelievable. I knew coming in that Michigan had a pretty remarkable team, every four years, but I had no idea it was going to be this year. Hopefully we'll have more going forward but this is definitely a great experience," he said.

The question is can both teams continue on and see it through to the championship? The basketball team gets the first crack on Saturday against Loyola-Chicago. The hockey team doesn't play until Thursday, April 5.