Accused Kalamazoo mass murderer Jason Dalton ordered to trial

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The man accused of going on a deadly rampage in January in Kalamazoo will stand trial after being dragged out of court after lashing out when an alleged victim is on the stand.

Jason Dalton was ordered to stand trial on all counts on Friday. Dalton erupted just minutes into his preliminary hearing in Kalamazoo and was ordered out of the courtroom.

The accused mass murderer was dragged from the coutroom after he tried to jump out of his seat. The witness on the stand was left shaking in terror.

"I need to leave  He scares me," Tiana Carruthers said. "He's gone, he's gone" crying.

Caruthers was shot four times that fateful night in February outside of her apartment complex. On Friday, she walked to the stand with the help of a cane, only to hear Dalton erupt.

Dalton could be heard making strange references to  "old people with these old black bags." Judge Christopher Haenicke cut him off and called a recess after he said, "It's time to get to temple."

"My body doesn't look real. Metal in three different places. Screws and bolts," the 25-year-old said. "I hurt every single day," Caruthers said.

"Do you see the person who shot you?" Caruthers was asked.

"I can never forget his face. Ever," she said.

A dozen witnesses testified on Friday. From cell phone experts to firearm experts and police who say 19 guns were found in Dalton's home, plus one in his front pocket.

Also testifying was Alex Cornish, the girlfriend of Tyler Smith. He was shot and killed, along with his father, Richard, while at a car dealership. Cornish says Dalton simply walked up and began shooting.

"They looked at him and put their hands up and said "what are you doing?" she testified.

The defense consistently questioned the memory of many witnesses.

In the end, the judge ruled there was probable cause to send Dalton to trial on all 16 counts.

The man accused of a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo is dragged out of court -- as one of his alleged victims breaks down on the stand.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.