Activists want DPD officer fired for his Facebook post on Black Lives Matter

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A Detroit police detective demoted for a controversial Facebook post in response to last week's shooting rampage in Dallas.

In his post, Nate Weekley called 'Black Lives Matter' supporters "racists and terrorists." Weekley is the brother of Joe Weekley, who was acquitted in the fatal shooting of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones.

Now the department is conducting an internal investigation.

Police Chief James Craig says his entire department must be held to a higher standard when it comes to what they post on social media.

It's this Facebook post that has so many people outraged:

A member of the Detroit Police Department, Nate Weekley saying "The only racists here are the piece of (expletive) black lives matter terrorists and their supporters."

Police Chief James Craig took swift action.

"He had been de-appointed from the rank of detective to police officer," he said. "We have opened an internal investigation into this matter."

But some say, that's not enough.

"The Michigan National Action Network is calling for the termination of Officer Weekley," said Sam Riddle. "We cannot afford in America's blackest and poorest city (the) hate and the venom that Officer Weekley is spewing through his Facebook post.

"We have to make some changes within our department right here at home, because if we can't change things here at home how can we change things throughout the nation," said Willie Burton of the Detroit Police Commission.

And today, Craig says Weekley's Facebook post isn't the only post that has cause for concern within the department.

"We're looking at another troubling post by an African-American supervisor," Craig said.

Craig would not elaborate on, or what that second post said. But another thing we are seeing since the Dallas shootings, people posting inflammatory and threatening emails directed at police officers.