Adorable girl gifts everyone a 'box of peace' this Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and 5-year-old Rosie McKee is spreading a much needed message of hope this holiday season. 

It’s a video that’s going viral. The Metro Detroit Kindergartener’s smile and enthusiasm is a perfect antidote to 2020. 

"I was getting inboxed from grown men saying that video really did something to my soul," said Kenya Faye, Rosie’s mom. "And the views just kept coming and coming and it kept getting shared and here we are."

While teaching her young daughter about peace:

"It was like an aha moment for myself and that’s how the video came about," Kenya said. 

"She give me it, put it in the box and I opened it and it said peace," Rosie said. 

Rosie and her big sister A’Blesyn love to do fun and inspirational videos. This one though has really warmed the hearts of people the country. 

"When I record it, I don’t expect much," A’Blesyn said. "I just record the video and to see that it making people, makes me happy to know that."

Such a simple message about peach. And during FOX 2’s interview with Rosie, she reminded all of us how important it is to laugh.