After GM layoff announcement job experts say don't panic, but prepare

As the news broke, uncertainty spread -- 14,000 GM employees are dusting off their resumes bracing for layoffs.  
Some are expected to be white collar and some factory workers, with 1,300 at the Detroit Hamtramck plant and more than 300 in Warren.
This isn't the time to panic but to prepare.  

"There are all of these start up's, there are new technologies in Michigan, there are a lot of opportunities coming out of this type of skill set-coming out of the automotive sector," said Nicole Hudson with Inbound Lead Solutions.

Hudson, a digital marketing expert, says dusting off the paper resume may be what you think you should do. Instead, unlock your iPad and go to work on your digital profiles.  

"When I hire someone, I have a full process and we do a digital background checked with multiple checklists so I know a lot about you before you sit down with me to have an interview," Hudson said.

And if you've worked in a factory for years and that's what you know how to do, employment experts say those skills are far more valuable than you may realize.  

"Start to think about what part of the value chain you're in charge of. Whether you are pulling parts off of a line, you’re checking for quality so right there and you have an incredible ability and attention to detail. You obviously are building teams and work well with others, you provide feedback from the line if it's working appropriately," Hudson said.

Retooling your skills and knowing where they fit in is critical.  

"If you have not signed up for Facebook, Twitter or most importantly LinkedIn for professionals, is start that platform and have an appropriate professional picture, a headline and really try to communicate who you are you're a value and your why," Hudson said.

And as always. watch what you post. Politics and an ill-fated attempt at humor may land your profile and application in the trash.