Amber Alert continues for missing special needs 9-year-old

An Amber Alert continues for missing Omarion Humphrey.

Humphrey, 9, went missing from a Genesee County park on Saturday. He suffers from severe autism and can't speak. Family, friends and volunteers continue to search for him.

"Mentally I'm  trying to hold it together," said Ashanti Rollinson, his sister. "And be as strong as I can be for my family, my sisters, my brothers. I'm trying to hold it together and pray."
"He could be anywhere," said sister Leesa Humphrey.  "He cannot speak to anybody. He probably doesn't know anyone. I can't imagine how he feels right now. He might be scared. 

"He doesn't even know how to express himself."
The boy who has severe autism,  disappeared from the Lake Callis Recreational Complex in Davison on July 4. Omarion who answers to the name Mars, was celebrating with his foster family when he went missing.

Several police agencies along with the help of hundreds of volunteers have been looking for him ever since.
"We were going on the trails trying to get as deep as we could," said Brendon McRill, a volunteer. "We went by the river trying to think of somewhere he might hide."
On Monday mounted crews along with those on four wheelers were added into the mix to take on the wooded areas around Lake Callis.
Divers have already searched the waters here twice even using sonar. But so far nothing.
"We are not ruling anything out at this point," said Lt. Jay Rendon of Davison Township police. "We are trying to uncover every stone possible."
Omarion's family members believe police haven't found him because he's not here. They are convinced he would have come if he heard someone calling his name. 

They believe someone kidnapped the 9-year old and just want him returned.
"We need to find him," said Cyrria Mims, his sister. "I feel his presence. He is not in the woods. We need to find him."
Police say they are looking into every possibility imaginable. They are asking people who live nearby to check under their decks and in their sheds because Mars is known to hide. 

And if their neighbors aren't home check their property as well. The family has a GoFundMe account to raise money in trying to find him: