Andiamo Linguine Salsiccia from Chef Jim Oppat

(WJBK) - This recipe comes courtesy of Chef Jim Oppat.

Andiamo Linguine Salsiccia


12              oz             Italian sausage       

1              cup             Olive Oil & Garlic       

8              oz              fennel bulb       

4              oz              red onion       

4              pinch         sage, dried spice       

6              fl oz           Veal Glace       

1.32         ea              buffala mozzarella cheese       

4              oz              Parmesan shredded cheese       

2              lb              linguine fresh pasta       

 salt and pepper to taste    

4              oz              kale       

4              oz              radicchio     


In large skillet over medium heat, add 1 cup of olive and about 4 cloves of sliced garlic

Allow to simmer until golden brown

Add the raw Italian sausage and cook thoroughly, breaking into smaller pieces

Increase heat to high and add the fennel, red onion and sage

Cook until vegetables are al dente

Deglaze with the veal stock (beef stock) and scrape the bits of caramelization from the bottom of the pan

Add the pre-boiled pasta to the skillet and season liberally with salt and pepper

Add both cheeses and toss the pasta evenly to coat

Remove from the heat and add the thinly slices kale and radicchio

Toss well to combine and adjust seasoning with more parmesan cheese as needed

Serve family style with pasta on bottom and colorful garnish over the top

Offer plenty more freshly grated Parmesan