Animal trainer: Tiger not a danger in Packard plant

On Monday a British photographer rented a tiger from a wildlife casting agency in Montana.

He then brought it with a bobcat and wolf from a Montana casting animal company to the Packard plant - and the tiger got loose.

The male Siberian tiger was being used in British photographer David Yarrow's photo shoot

FOX 2 spoke with Demetri Price, the tiger's trainer over the phone.

"At any time was this tiger a threat to anyone?"

Price: "Not at all."

He said the hot weather prompted him and other handlers to give the male Siberian tiger some time and space.

In the process it hunkered down in a fourth story stairwell in a video shot by Andy Didorsi and posted on Instagram (@thatdetroitandy).

"At no time was the tiger in any danger, no danger to anybody," Price said.

The unscripted wildlife moment in the D had social media roaring with laughter.

But Price says the fodder is much ado about nothing.

"He was never off the chain he was never out of our direct control," he said. "Not for one second.

"These are people are indirectly involved who had no understanding of what's going on but very quick on the Twitter fingers."

Packard Plant officials pulled the plug on the photo shoot after the tiger got loose saying they had no idea the photographer would turn their epic eyesore of a plant into a wildlife reserve.

But Price says they planned the shoot for months pulled permits with the city, was under police supervision and had approval from plant officials.

The tiger was captured and there were no injuries reported. Now Yarrow and his team are looking for another location to continue the photo shoot.