Ann Arbor lab tests and grades marijuana on potency and purity

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The marijuana testing conducted at an Ann Arbor lab is only happening in a handful of places in the country.

Longtime friends turned business partners Ben Rosman and Dr. Lev Spivak-Birndorf founded PSI Labs in Ann Arbor, where they test medical marijuana.

"A lot of people are using this for medicine right now very specific purposes and part of that is understanding the chemistry of the products they are getting," Spivak-Birndorf said.

Spivak-Birndorf said the U.S. is almost in the "bathtub gin" era of marijuana, where there is little regulation the composition.

The testing is similar to information on labels on beer brands. The labels state how much alcohol the consumer is ingesting. With marijuana, it's not as simple.

"Unless people have measured the chemistry, they are just taking someone's word for it," Spivak-Birndorf said.

At PSI Labs, each sample is tested and graded for potency and purity. Their customers are typically dispensaries or people who value consistency in their product.

"It's about getting what you pay for and also getting something that will get the job done," Spivak-Birndorf said.

Rosman said there is some risk in the legality of the lab testing.

"We do everything we can to stay within the legal limits as we see them," he said.

PSI Labs are pushing for more regulation when it comes to pot in Michigan, and said they're poised to capitalize if that happens.

"If there is mandatory testing, we have more customers," Rosman said.