Another Skodak moment: Hall of Shamer cuffed in court on new charges

You might know him as Jeff Skodak, Jeff D'Angelo, or maybe Jeff Allen.

All are aliases that Skodak - his actual name - used while running many of his construction businesses. Businesses that clients of his say left their homes in ruins, and landed him in the Hall of Shame earlier this year.

But, we'll get to that in a second. 

Skodak made an appearance in Macomb County Court on Friday for felony check fraud. After his session was over and he left, a sheriff from Oakland County was waiting for him, along with two new felony charges.

"You're now under arrest and will be transported to the 52 third district court in Rochester Hills Bureau, do you understand that?" said Sgt. Keith Weir as he's placing Skodak in handcuffs.

"Yes sir," replied Skodak.

During his court appearance in Oakland County, Magistrate Marie Soma asked him if he was aware of any other criminal history.

"No, not that I can recall. No," he said.

"Well, I show a retail fraud in the second degree, I also show a financial transaction device, I show a Wayne county case," said Soma.

Since Skodak is having a memory lapse, we'll refresh his memory.

Fox 2 confronted Skodak in Shelby Township after he was arraigned for writing bad checks. One of his favorite names to sign on those checks? Jeff D'Angelo.

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Before his multiple court appearances, Skodak considered himself a serial entrepreneur. Online, his businesses maintained a facade of professionalism, but there wasn't much to the conduct of his businesses.

He's not a licensed builder, even though he says he is. He's taken big construction jobs, and never finished them. But under different aliases, people would never know Skodak's history of fraud, or that he'd filed for bankruptcy three times. 

That fraud charge made national headlines after a Mother Jones article picked up FOX 2's story after reporting showed Skodak had duped high profile character Roger Stone - yes that Roger Stone into coming to his house for a benefit. Stone is the known Trump associate who is charged with lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional investigation.

After the headline "Roger Stone Planned to Headline a Fundraiser Hosted by a Convicted Fraudster" went live, Stone's people cancelled the event.

But time went on for Skodak as he found himself in Macomb County court on Friday. And his judge wasn't happy about it.

"This has gone back six times already. Between probably cause conferences and preliminary examination, it's 191 days old. I'll give it one more time," read a Macomb County Judge.

After Skodak leaves the court, that's where the Sgt. Weir was waiting for him. He's then carted off for a hearing in Oakland County, where Soma sets Jeff's bond at $15,000 and orders him back in court next month following worries from Weir.

"We do believe that Mr. Skodak is still actively conducting business," said the officer.

"Business that he's not allowed to conduct?" asks the Oakland Co. Judge

"Correct your honor," replies the officer.

Skodak is also forbidden from conducting any more contract work and using any fake names.

"Mr. Skodak does have three aliases that he goes by. Under those names could we ask that he not do any business under those names," asked Weir.

"I would assume that would be a given," replied Soma.