Anti-gun lobby protests outside capitol in wake of Florida shooting

In the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida, the anti-gun lobby demonstrated on the Capitol steps Thursday urging lawmakers to take action now to end the violence.  

"If you believe that the NRA is dead wrong, let them hear you," said candidate for governor Abdul El Sayed to the crowd.

Several hundred anti-gun protestors want state lawmakers to beef up background checks on gun buyers and ban assault weapons.

Proposed Michigan bill could take guns from mentally ill

"I'm hoping with the most recent violence, it's finally at the tipping point," said rally organizer Robert Van Kirk.

While those folks believe there is a gun problem, the senate GOP leader does not.

"It's a safety problem. I wouldn't agree with you that it's a gun problem. The guns have been the same," said State Sen. Arlan Meekhof, adding mental illness is the problem.

This week the president suggested arming some teachers might help and pro-gun advocate Tom Lambert agrees.

"We don't need to hand them out to everybody. We don't need to open an armory. If we can just have a couple here and there, it's a start," he said.

Dana Nessel, candidate for attorney general, says she's against the idea. 

"My mother was a public school teacher and the thought of her having to defend anybody, including herself with a firearm, is actually laughable to me. She has no idea how to operate a gun," she said.

Some would like to ban assault rifles. Gretchen Whitmer, candidate for governor, says you can talk about that but:

"We have to start with acknowledging the mental health crisis we have, acknowledging the lack of support for our safety officers, and keeping weapons out of the hands of people with mental illness," she said.

Some want concealed weapons in schools but Gov. Rick Snyder has opposed that. 

The gun battle and gun debate continues.