Anti LGBTQ hate mail distributed to Ferndale resident

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A rainbow flag made Tyler Barron's Ferndale home a target. He opened his mailbox and found a ranting anti-gay letter, a graphic, and threatening comic. 

“It’s not surprising because nothing is surprising at this point,” he said. 

Surprised no, worried yes, over a disturbing delivery in his mailbox. 

“It specifically said that homosexuals are raping adults and children and that we are damned to hell,” Barron said. 

Tyler Barron received an anti-gay packet including a detailed comic with extreme accusations and threats against the LQBTQ community. 

“Their method to solve the issue was to burn us all alive,” he said.

Tyler has no idea who it's from but the postage stamp says Northern Texas, whoever wrote it said they were in Ferndale last June during gay pride month.

It specifically mentions Tyler's rainbow flag at his home. 

“I think what they did was see who had rainbow flags and then wrote out addresses down and sent it to us when they went back to Texas I assume,” he said.

The fact that these extremists as Tyler calls them know where he lives is a concern.

“They basically said no one loves you enough to tell you that this is wrong what you're doing,” Barron said. 

Tyler says they're entitled to their opinion. 

“I didn't' want to call them out and say they are awful people because I don't know them but this method of reaching out to me is negative,” he said. 

A business owner in town says he got a similar packet and Tyler assumes some of his neighbors did too but he says this city is about inclusivity and it will stay that way. 

“They’re not going to change anyone in this neighborhood, honestly we don't want them around this neighborhood so they can stay in Texas.”