Apartment building left in disgusting condition, FOX 2 investigates

One woman fed up with the disgusting conditions of her apartment from moldy bathrooms to cockroaches says her landlord won't listen and contacted FOX 2 Problem Solvers.

The apartment building at 2861 Lakewood on Detroit's East Side is in bad condition.

Heather Lloyd says she moved in back in the spring, and started noticing the problems the right away, including rats.

The building has 18 units, but maybe three or four of them are occupied.

"I've got rats and roaches running around, a big hole under the sink," said tenant Anthony Allen.

"Roaches coming from the ceiling part as well," Lloyd said.

A city inspector came here to the property in August and gave a correction order -- four pages and 62 items that needed to be repaired. The residents who still live here are still waiting.

"Based on what we've seen, we need to get in. We need to look at every one of the units. We need to make a determination of where we will go from here," said Raymond Scott of Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental.

FOX 2 spoke with the property manager who says the building is owned by an investor who lives out of the country.

Years had passed without proper management. Therefore, inner city property was hired in May to help with the rehab.

"It's not going to be worth it, your money is not worth moving in here," Lloyd said.

She says she is being evicted for not paying rent.

The property manager claims the rehab work is underway, but can't give a timeline yet on when the work will be done.

"Nobody should be living like this," Allen said.

Lloyd says she is in between jobs at the moment, and if she had the money, she would have moved from this apartment building months ago.