Apartment fire rages in Wayne, torches 12 units - driver stops and saves lives

A dozen families are displaced after losing everything in a fire at their apartment complex that burned Wednesday afternoon. They have a Good Samaritan, who happened to pass at the right moment, to thank for getting some people out alive. The Good Samaritan didn't want to give his name but he likely saved at least one life. 

The fire burned at the apartments in the 3600 block of John Hix Road Wednesday afternoon, leaving 12 people homeless. Building B has the most damage where 12 units were burned, about 6 in the building are still habitable. 

As the fire burned, a Good Samaritan saw the flames and made a U-Turn and waited before he decided to jump into action immediately. He likely saved a young life.

“A gentleman on the second floor had a little baby he didn’t know the place was on fire. I kicked in the door, he was on the other side of the and then he looked out on his patio," he said.

The mana nd the baby saw the fire all because of the man who happened to pass by.

“None of the apartment people knew the place was on fire.”

While some people were in their homes when it started, others found out their homes were destroyed after work. Kelly Vinson was one of those.

"It’s devastating. We don't have anything and everything is water damaged. it's just sad," Kelly said.

She lived in one of the 12 apartments burned. Management will put her and others up for two nights and then she's on her own.

“I don't know what we're going to do, it's just hurtful,” she said.

For the people in the units, if the smoke and fire didn't ruin their belongings, the water damage did. 

“We wish em well, we hope that they get back on their feet," Fire Chief Mike Stradtner said.

The Good Samaritan who happened to stop knows that he shouldn't have gone into the fire and smoke filled home.

“I shouldn't have. I should have waited for the first responders because we were coughing when we came out. We made sure no one was in there.”

The fire department was able to get the fire under control quickly but couldn't save every unit. They know the fire started on the second floor and then spread to the third floor and attic. 

Fire crews were helping to clear out clothes and were still searching for animals Wednesday evening.