Arab American News publisher disappointed at blind support for Israel by US politicians, media

On October 14th in Dearborn, a demonstration in support of Palestinians in harm's way was held for Gaza. The event was held following the Hamas attack on Israeli civilians Oct. 7.

In the days since here in the U.S. a Muslim child was murdered in Illinois and a Farmington Hills man arrested for planning to hunt Palestinians in Dearborn.

"We are getting death threats on social media - we get emails - we get phone calls," said Osama Siblani. "Are we scared? Yes, we are - are we uncomfortable? to say the least.

"But are we going to remain silent? No, we're not. We're going to speak out? Yes, we are."

Siblani is the publisher of the Arab American News.

"We have families there - we know relatives who live there," he said. "My niece is married to a Gazan and we don't even know what happened to them.

"From a humanitarian perspective - what is happening is a disaster."

And Siblani says the situation is being made worse by politicians and the media.

"The truth doesn't matter anymore - what matters is - 'How do I get elected, how do I get more money in my campaign,'" he said. "The truth is no longer important in this country."

Online Dearborn news outlet TCD News called out FOX News for labeling a local walkout for Gaza at Dearborn Heights Crestwood High School as pro-terrorist. TCD also called out presidential candidate Ron DeSantis for linking a photo from that protest on October 14th to Hamas.

Siblani says the community is disappointed in so many leaders - from President Joe Biden to presidential candidates for what appears to be blind support for Israel without a care for Palestinian casualties.

"Find a solution. That's a leader - a leader finds solutions - and does not perpetuate more violence and encourage more killing," Siblani said.

A solution that can't come soon enough for everyone in the Middle East, and well beyond.

"The leadership - the president - the senate - the congress, should be talking about a solution for the sake of the Israelis and the Palestinians," he said.

Arab American News Publisher Osama Siblani.

Arab American News Publisher Osama Siblani.